I recently watched Ombak Rindu. The title above is my entire review.

To elaborate: I expected it to be a straight up tragic love triangle story.

Was. Not. Prepared. For. The. Fuckery. It’s like watching an atrociously written rape fantasy*. If the film had a message, it was “Rape is okay if  he’s your husband. Wait for him to fall in love with you”.

I wonder how many feminists were stressed out by this film?

Panel 1: I am a slave-owning rapist. Panel 2: Marry me, slave-owning rapist! I beg of you!

The best thing (or, the only good thing) about Ombak Rindu is that it provided ample material for the recent theatre production Projek Disko Baldi in Love.

When I first watched Projek Disko Baldi in Love (a series of comedy skits)*, I thought “All these budak baik kan, their humour is not wicked enough”. PDB definitely has some very decent laughs installed for the night, but…they could afford to be much, much more jahat 🙂

The one skit where they had me laughing helplessly was the one for Ombak Rindu. I had not watched the film then, but I recognised that its romantic dramas were being mercilessly ridiculed. Tuan Faisal does an excellent job here (even if all he says is “Okay”).

Tuan Faisal is the guy in the center, wearing the hot pink glasses. (Picture from PJLA.com.my)

I think Projek Disko Baldi is worth watching out for. Lots of potential in the current set up, and I would like to see them take on more themes. They’re still finding their feet, and the material needs to be stronger, but they’re already getting a decent bit of it right.

For those who missed the show in February (and those who watched Ombak Rindu) Projek Disko Baldi in Love will be restaged from 27th-29th April 2012 at PJLA. The tickets are affordable, the show is decent, and we could all do with a laugh now and then.

Here are some links:

Projek Disko Baldi @ Facebook
Projek Disko Baldi in Love : RESTAGED @ Facebook Events

Projek Disko Baldi are also nominees in this year’s Cammies Awards, for Best Group Performance and Best Original English Script (may there be a winner this year!).

*I’m not saying rape fantasies are bad. But the one embedded within Ombak Rindu stinks to hell.
*I’m not saying I was entirely sober when I watched this play. I may recommend the same for you. Bars abound in Jaya One.