For April Fools’ Day, I was at Grace‘s new event, scale — a mini music instrument showcase. Damn layan! Am happy to hear that this is going to be a regular event. Quite a healthy-sized crowd too.

Shh…Diam! did a performance making music with kitchen utensils. The Impatient Sisters brought out a whole bunch of tiny music knick-knack instruments. Stinky Poodle a.k.a. Sharon Chin had a ukelele, many bananas, and an assistant by the name of Zedeck Siew. Ezra had a deejay, disco lights, and Azmyl to duet their Youtube hit, That Okay Song. Azmyl abused some music instrument he borrowed from The Impatient Sister and got the crowd to singalong for his Makan Gaji song (Hey!).

Oops. Cut Julie's face off.

The stage was filled with vintage collectibles, prizes were given out for the best tweets. Even at the entrance, there was a welcome sign ala 1 x Suitcase. It’s like the hipster cherry of the event.

Now that I have an iPhone, my talent at taking bad portraits of people have been multiplied by constant access to a camera and a vast array of dodgy filters in “camera” apps. BEHOLD!

Hanging out at The Bee after the show — Nine, Kaz and Liy

I had actually been poking my nose around while Grace and Ying were brainstorming for the event (perils of having your office next to my home), and meeting Shh…Diam! to plan for their BFM interview. The band is of course, ever so genderqueer friendly. I’d been going for quite a few of their performances. In fact, the first time I saw Thilaga joget was at a Shh…Diam! gig. Damn power.

Ying and Nadia hold Disco and Soulja. So hiao, the…cat.

Hanging out with Grace on Earth Hour, at The Bee Publika. Froya was doing soundcheck.

Shh…Diam! and friends putting on their serious face

Official downloads from Scale’s show will be available sometime this week from The Wknd Show people.

Meanwhile, if you want to layan, I took a video of Azmyl and Ezra performing their Youtube hit for The Effing Show, That Okay Song:

I want to catch #scaleMay, but that can only happen if it doesn’t clash with my Japan trip — I’m going to Tokyo to hang out with my womance chitoo for my birthday. Never been to that region before, but definitely looking forward to seeing lots of cool anime stuff and endless bowls of pork. <3