1. Driving with a “P” sticker makes people go easier on me (tried and tested).

2. Most of my road rage stems from people driving like idiots. I’ve recalibrated my view to expect idiots. I only get upset at road bullies now.

3. Road bullies, when confronted, mostly run away.

4. It sucks to be a motorcyclist on our highways. It’s worse to be a pedestrian.

5. Any accident or parked car will cause a traffic jam on the highway. Anything. If you want to do guerrila advertisments, turn on your hazard lights, and park by the Federal highway. And maybe put your competitor’s ad all over the car, so drivers will curse them.

6. This is what I was taught in driving school. Slow drivers on the left, fast drivers on the right:

This is what it’s really usually like:

(I  only have a vague idea what cars are supposed to look like when I draw them.)

Image above is of angry Go Gourmet delivery dude harassing a driver. He parked his motorcycle in front of the car and forced them out for a confrontation. I don’t know what the context is.