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Best Millennium Malaysian Band Names Beginning with D












Ding Dong



Estranged but backwards










Eventually we remembered it’s Disagree.

Midnight road trip from Ipoh to KL.

Don’t let me be miss understood

I think it’s because I no longer trade music. The last mixtape someone sent to me was a year ago. It feels like I am far less passionate about reading music blogs, downloading new music, tracing a singer or songwriter’s steps through various bands and side projects. The only blog I really read these days is Last Year’s Girl, which I’ve been following for many years now. I don’t keep track of the artists I like when they show up on my HypeM radio.

Maybe there’s an invisible limit to the mind’s capacity for keeping a library of music. Maybe I’m so okay with listening to everything now, it no longer really matters who or what I listen to. I’ve gone through so many phases of music genres, that lacking one now, I feel like I’ve become a product of Mix FM. I’ve fallen into a routine where Sundays afternoons are the time for one particular Nina Simone album, and a limited selection of Billie Holiday, filling the house with familiar music while I attempt to do house chores.

Then again, my music memory for local music is increasing. I scout out videos for their performances, buy their CDs, go for their shows. I could just be relearning a whole industry, sometimes outside of the English-speaking world. But that doesn’t explain why I no longer listen to Manu Chao. Maybe I left his music behind on a Thai beach.

I just cleaned out my iTunes library. I had deleted most of my music library a while ago; making way for video editing, never to return. My iTunes was full of dead links. Scrolling through the list of artists I haven’t listened to in a long time, and didn’t miss.

I should ask a friend to recommend some music. But all they ever seem comfortable recommending are podcasts.

I miss those little things I had on the bottom of my tabulas: Currently listening. Currently watching. Currently reading. I should look up a plugin for that.

Currently listening: Nina Simone — The look of love
Currently reading: Zen Cho — Sorceror to the Crown
Currently watching: Catching up on Doctor Who episodes from Matt Smith onwards
Currently browsing: Patrick Flores — Southeast Asia: Art History, Art Today
Currently feeling: kind of productive


Before I knew I had gayness, I had PJ Harvey.

I love this song! I love this song loud, it makes me want to run up a wall. Why have I never bothered looking up the video before? I should look up more videos for songs I love. But that means I’d have to remember the song title or band name. Hrm.


Ah, okay. Another one. Guess YouTube allows for lyrics as search terms. Just realised not all the songs I love have music videos. This song is Daphne. It is Cyberjaya, nothing but street lamps at night, concrete in the day. It’s giving free rides to people who weren’t hitchhiking. Cabin fever x 1,000,000. Flying down the highway to KL, to drinks, to parties and anywhere else, not enough money between us to come home, and not caring. Too young to be raising the girl we were.


Falling in love in Pasar Seni. Wearing a stencilled t-shirt. I was in a street protest. She was dodging the giant baskets being swung around in a site-specific dance. The beginning of so much drama I didn’t think I could speak to anyone again. Left me temporarily homeless, but sheltered. Slow recovery — sheepish by the end of it.

Bad news 🙂

No, Lainie.
Learn to say no to pretty girls.
Stupid lesbian.

I have taken to singing my own Imperial Death March soundtrack when I walk around the house. It’s okay, only the cat and some occasional wandering hantu around boiling water to judge me.