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I love spitzes

*shows picture of pomeranian*

You are so Cina!

*shows picture of G-Dragon*

Is that a butch lesbian?

What’s the Venn diagram? Are all Shah Alam drivers pundeks, or are all pundeks Shah Alam?

Time to drive, time to think. I’ve been having epic mood swings today, maybe because of my period. Maybe because of a frustrating homophobic encounter with Sefa the night before. Maybe because Grey peed on my bed this morning and I was underslept and overcaffeinated. Maybe all of the above.

Trying to tell myself this overflow of emotion (and aggression) is what my cat feels, so I can be less angry with her.

This month has been the most purchases I’ve ever made in my adult life.

A PS4 last year was it. This month was a few small purchases (mostly to furnish the house, and some wearables — mostly for work except a new wallet) that have added up fast.

I’m worried about finances, but it’s also not often I see something I like, much less when raya discount applies.

Trying a new strategy. 77% results, 36% cost. Or 47% increase. Variables. Fingers and toes crossed.

Signed up for workshop. Hope it is fruitful.

Met Annie and her partner for breakfast. Breakfast with company is nice, I should do it more if I can find morning people in the area. Maybe I can find performing arts friends who aren’t asleep yet.

Me: I’m having my night tea.

Annie: I’m having my night wine. We are so similar.


I don’t understand why when it’s Ramadan I must attract special friends. Like my aura extra strong or what

All the devils kena lock up so no signal interference kot

Self praise is still praise

Just did some splendid photorealistic photoshopping. It won’t pass a forensics test, because there are minor resolution difference in some very small patches of the edge if you go down to the tiniest pixels, but it will absolutely pass all checks on high res screens. For yearssssssssss.

*pats self excessively on back*

Unffff unfff unfffffff.


Annoyed to be in an article that calls Mahathir a champion of democracy in the title. And that it has US spelling. I should have used words without US/UK variants.

A GE14 short story

Past: seven wands

Present: ten cups

Future: five pentacles

It was a time of quick action and unusual plans under challenging circumstances. Vanquishing evil.

Now is a time of exuberance, celebration. We have reached our goals, and happiness is all around.

And then all things go to shit. Instability and financial woes. Nothing goes right. Do not let fear consume you. Now is the time to do the work that leads to meaningful change.

Five is a card of abandonment. Where did all the party of ten go?