Most people call me Lainie. lyck is an acronym of my full name. I’m nerdy, introverted, and figuring things out. I’m a comms person — this is not reflected in this blog, which is a very personal space.

It used to say “Art Director” on my business card. You may also know me as an arts critic, travel writer (with a book!), cultural worker, sub-editor (and occasional contributor) for a politics and culture website, editor for a queer publication, journalist, social media person…etc.

I’ve worked a lot of different jobs, but you could say they all fit into the broad umbrella of the arts, with a focus on culture, policy and activism. I particularly enjoy working with minority voices, signal boosting the important things, and negotiating spaces for everyone to just be. You will find very little/none of that here.

Once upon a time I was the most prominent queer person in my country with a blog. I don’t enjoy the spotlight, so I  took a break. I do appreciate having a space to populate with my memories and dream diary entries, so I returned to blogging in this space.

This blog rarely has readers now, which I enjoy. If you’re here, welcome. Just bear in mind this space was created without a reader in mind in most cases.