lyck is an acronym of my full name. Most people call me Lainie. Assuming you’ve seen my blog, reading About Lainie is kinda doubling up on your work. I don’t really have a common sense filter, so what you see is what you get on the blog posts.

I was born and raised in Ipoh many years ago. I packed my bags for college and never moved back. I currently live in Selangor.

I work in the arts. I founded and curate a history, food and arts festival that is doing much to shorten my lifespan.

I am both shy and antisocial, which feeds my inability to remember both names and faces. As a result of my work, I meet many, many, many people every week at many, many, many events — so please don’t take it personally if I struggle to place you.

It used to say “Art Director” on my business card, because I’m an overglorified graphic designer. I also used to be an illustrator as well, but I’ve been so lazy at keeping my daily sketchbooks, my skills have fallen short of justifying that label. I’ve also been an arts critic, travel writer (with a book!), theatre behind-the-scenes person, sub-editor (and occasional contributor) for a politics and culture website, editor for an LGBT publication (I prefer the term “queer”), food stylist, photojournalist, and…etc.

I’ve worked a lot of different jobs, but you could say they all fit into the broad umbrella of “the arts”. My current business card has no job title, only my name.

I took a break from blogging but now I’m back, beeeeeetchessssssssss.

*I once met a renowned psychic while sharing a table in a KL coffeeshop during lunch hour. He looked at my palm, and confidently said he could tell me about my future husband — up to 95% accurate. Who am I to argue with psychics that charge RM800 an hour? Guess I can retire from being a lesbian.

This page is outdated. I am too lazy to change that. [I said this in 2012, and edited a bit of it in 2016. I kept the picture because I look grumpy and it’s flattering ]