Why are you here? Why you so serious? It’s okay, sometimes I’m a serious person too.

I used to blog at lainie.tabulas.com.

One day, the whole account disappeared. So now, I have this one. Of course, I bought the domain to host my portfolio, but it’s the usual curse of a graphic designer. Designing for other people takes up too much of my time. And talking about my day is so much easier.

Is this where disclaimers go? Disclaimers:

1) Please do not take this blog too seriously. Except the Disclaimer section. Everything is important here.

2) Don’t quote me as a reliable source for anything. My blogs have always been casual and cincai. I do not fact check or research or edit anything here. Google lives too far from my home.

3) I will say some salah things. I am personally trying to work on that, but I acknowledge this is a process, and the blog reflects that.