Last day out in Malaysia. Holding off the emotions because i don’t want to be another burden.

I thought she was low energy, maybe falling sick, but she was hiding and crying. I say, so manja.

  • When was she famous?
  • She was famous when my mother liked her

🌀 Lessons in answering questions truthfully while providing no information.

  • And then you fold a square on the other side.
  • Wait wait wait. I might accidentally fold a turtle.

🌀 Lessons in folding an origami crane.

  • Why don’t you draw a symbol on it?
  • *illegible doughnut squiggle*

🌀 Lessons in drawing a simple symbol, like a star, or a heart.

My specialty as a tour guide has been to bring people to closed spaces to look at art through windows. But I also took friends out on a graffiti tour. I haven’t covered that stretch in a year, but it looks like a decade. I should have done it sooner.