Starting the day with mandopop patriarchy love songs. 🤦🏻‍♂️

Returned to my regular cafe after a very short break away and the response was ‘where have you been’

Asked a truck driver nicely for his parking spot and he moved it out of the way so I could park. Feeling bratty and lucky.

It’s never a good thing when the cards warn of (whose?) heartache and having to overcome problems today.

Three swords. Seven Wands. Seven cups. The final: a trickster bird, in flight. She is The Moon.

At least no ten swords today. But a tricky day for negotiating feelings.

Wau. Wauuuuu. Selamba je melibatkan org. Don’t blame your love life on me, tiada kaitan pun. 😐 Bukan hanya kau yg berangau di dunia ni, bodoh. Ugh. Mmg hantu sorang. 😐

Is this the message from my cards

Rolly is being so cute and needy today.

Brought mum some salt baked chicken from home. Think it made her happy. Either that or the fact I’m going to the gym.

She really isn’t fond of the fish she has to eat for ten days, but 2yee has declared it’ll be good for her bedsore.

Saw a pic of J’s magical white horse and Numnum’s beautiful black stallion (eating a ribbon).

Don’t spit on my computer.
If I do it’ll be a sticker
Your cat already left a scratch