Bila larut malam, suasana sepi. 🎶

Woke up scattered today. Not as centred.

Not sleeping well at home, even if improved with cleaned mattress.

Paranoid about dengue because why.

Work. Stablising. Broke through.

Sila bertaubat, Lainie.

The nenek cards are so blatant about who they like. All cups (context nine: six, Queen, Ace) and transformation and feminine energy and partnership. Flight, but possibility of reunion.

I think they may be getting ahead of themselves. Need time to process the spread. But the same messages (chk?) as horoscope deck. Also need more sleep with less wonky finger.

Compare to Pets’ cards: I guess the gentle decks gently approve. I mmg tak biasa ni.

The Siapa Lagi Awkward sprint. I pemenang. 😔

Lupa rokok. Guess I’m not smoking today.

Jumpa rokok. Guess I’m smoking today.

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