A striking tall man in a colourful long and open shirt approaches. The shirt is mustard yellow with big red splashes (maple leaves?) and some hints of green and black. He has a moustache, looks Mediterranean. As he comes close to my gate, I start to tell him he is at the wrong house. He still approaches, with a band of younger men.

I realise he is here to fix the cement work I need done in the porch and garden. I talk to him, he gives orders to his men. I start leading him around the porch, pointing at things that need fixing. Mostly holes that need to be filled. There might be bougainvilleas in the garden.

I point to a big drain with a mess of pipes (all with meters attached — reds, oranges, yellows). It almost feels/looks like a heart in the drain, or a clump of hearts to the drains and pipes that run through the house. I ask him if we can cement that too. He says we could, but it’ll cause some issues removing the cement from the pipes later later if we need to. I decide against it for now, although I am not sure of this decision.

I remember there is something outside. It’s that extra ledge of cement beyond the gate that makes it difficult to park two cars. Maybe I could ask him to break it down (Real: been thinking of taking a sledgehammer to it). I get there and it’s odd: the extra obstacle is gone. It its place, two surfaces of uneven height, a gap (6-8 inches?) apart. I request for him to cement over the gaps, smooth out the differences, connect them. I’m not sure if he takes these requests but it looks like he does.