Had to choose between getting my mattress cleaned on Saturday, or only on Thursday, a few days after I returned. Wouldn’t have changed road trip plans, so cat pee mattress for several days it is then πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’.

Jr wanted to leave after midnight but I convinced her to be more reasonable. Took Jr on an early morning drive towards Ipoh, and headed to my usual pork noodles in Ipoh Garden. Headed home and aired out a room, gained some allergies. Skin so sensitive to dust and heat now.

Drove to Penang to meet Taiwan and Q next to a ghost museum. Went to a wet market to buy ingredients for hot pot.

I liked the vibe in the market. Busy, practical, efficient. Bought so many vegetables, Jr and I were amused. From there it was a short drive to Q’s home. Felt like I could easily imagine a life like this in Penang. Cheap coffee, crunchy yam. It is a satisfying ephemeral.

Taiwan was very restless about our check in, so brought her to the Airbnb first so she could briefly meet our hosts — tbh they didn’t seem very keen on meeting us.

Came back to Q’s place and they had set up the broth for steamboat. Q is very playful, it makes me want to 😈. Went out to buy milk for Q and beer for Taiwan. Taiwan didn’t want to cross the big road but that was where the fresh milk is sold. Saw some of the night market there which was nice. Felt hyperlocal. The temperature of a night cooling down from a day that’s been too hot, filling up with a different heat.

Met Q’s partner LC. Quickly could tell who required more immediate management. So much food. Got my bittergourd and tofu. LC has had so much uptight fear-driven problems with swimming, but I think she just needs a month with Jr to help sort her out. Invited her to come to KL for lessons and maybe we can makan together after. I really liked Q’s place. Happy.

Jr climbed on me at the hotel which was RLY weird because that is another body I don’t need to know anything about. Couldn’t stop laughing though. I really thought the girls put her up to it. There was a strange vibe from her.

Thought we’d stay up late more but I think the drive to Penang tired us out.