That talisman is going to have its work cut out for it, oh my god.

  • I don’t know why. I’m very chomel what
  • So is a cactus
  • 😐

When you feel it, you know it’s true even if you don’t understand it.

If it’s imposed, you think it, but you don’t feel it.

Christian erotica is my dessert.

Nyam nyam nyam nyam.

We can’t hold the people they could become against them.

Help the people they want to be emerge.

  • So many of the people I love are crazy, eccentric and very difficult, like you,
  • 😒

  • I don’t know why. I just speak the truth. Or what I think is the truth.
  • If you were a straight woman, you would know the answer to this.

  • In another life, maybe I’d be married to a man. If I found one early enough, and was brainwashed.
  • I found feminism.
  • I found a girlfriend.

  • Pat pat pat, pat pat pat. Pat pat pat. Pat pat.
  • Does this bring you more joy than Christian erotica?

  • When you meet lesbians and you return to Malory Towers as an adult, omg.
  • Oh yeah, Bill.
  • Bill? Darrell!
  • 🤭 yes

A tender space. Barrier cream.

I will probably love you until the day I die.

Prayers and incense in a temple, escorted into a guided encounter. An introduction of myself. A glimpse of black, grey and light geometric planes. Vertical, angular, at different depths — almost a tessellated illusion, clues in the shadows. A smokey, grainy feel of a slow distant vision speeding towards me.

I am startled, open my eyes to meet the gaze of a deity with the mark of a third eye. I close mine, and seek, but it does not return.

I crawl under a table thrice. One of the many alien things I do not understand, every bit a leap of faith. I ring a bell thrice.

Koon Kee from a different direction makes it a different place.

The coffee and cake of the internet famous isn’t convincing, but it certainly is atmospheric.

Poplar, perseverance, soothing. Drowning babies.

I asked if the modifier can be swapped out, but really, what can’t be? What happens if I choose to erase all three?

Blackjack, chor dai dee, temple luck. A hardy plant, worn out. A lingering rain.

The frustrations of watching a man’s giant ego in action.

The debate shouldn’t begin on the merits of inclusion. We have too much work to do, everyone needs to be on board.

Cooked, washed up kitchen, two rounds laundry, sorted recyclables, took out trash, washed shoes and bags, folded all clothes, swept floor, face mask, moisturised.

Shiny and clean, now. Shiny and clean. Fading fast.