Visited a wooden house. The guardian person, a small, tan and 60s+ man with a slight bent back meets us outside. We haven’t met before but he knows me, and is not surprised we are there.

A lizard comes down the wall from the clock. We are investigating by ourselves. Bones are animated. A skull on skeletal hand crawls around the wall. There are more spirits and beings in the air, I can feel it.

A proton arrives, passenger alights. The guardian helps her down, an old woman. Helps her into her home next door. He has access to all four houses next to each other. I see the interior of my house, with me inside. It is evening so the lights frame everything indoors.

The next house resident is watching tv, sitting in front, on a plush purple couch. There is a family photo with the guardian and the old lady. the guardian is in other paraphernalia in other houses too — his presence changes things, even the objects.

I’m in goong goong’s house. I go to his bed and under it are some drawers. I open to find them full of my bedding.

He has passed for a while, but I’m still finding things in his home. I wonder if there’s anything interesting that’ll let me know more about who he was.

I realise I’ll have to take these things home. Two fat pillows in covers of blue and white flowers. Two more. Queen sized comforter — okay this is more than I realised. A plastic bag of organisers from Daiso for small items. A tabletop mirror that folds out. I could fill the entire back of my car — maybe even more.

Im with an aunt but now she’s sleeping on his bed.