Najib’s daughter is in the plane too. She realises we know. “What, I’m a person too!” Flustered, young, pretty. Young enough her cheeks are still high. She works, she tries. Don’t think she knows for real.

I am with some people who work with a politician on the plane — a man I don’t disapprove of. I am close with one person and I know of the rest. Might have helped carry out a smaller non-election campaign. But i forget the rest don’t know me. They say something about the politician, and I laugh too — and they look at me. I remind myself to keep my amusement private.

The ones who work with the politician and are familiar/trained with operating on plane are requested to do something I can’t really hear. They get up, start clearing the tables of objects that are dangerous in flight. Pencils, pens, rulers. They’re off to the next cabin to prepare it for take off.

I am walking down a row of stalls setting up beside a tall building. There is one at the end selling (?) with frogs (?). I sit at the tables around the corner. Someone joins me. I am ordering from the guy, everything is fine until my last dish. I am unsure how yee mee goes. Does it come with the (?) that is their specialty. It does not. The man wants to explain, but I’ve already lost interest, waving away the explanation.

I am in a furniture shop. Drawn to go in, deeper. I am alone. A large french cabinet catches my eye — I want it. Three doors, comes up to my chest. White with maple brown accents, small legs at an angle, three large panels of small white knobs for the front. Sturdy in appearance but I don’t think the wood is too thick, doesn’t feel like a heavy old cabinet. I notice the top is white, very dusty, streaks of black dust. On it, an interesting cover made of matching maple small squarish proportion brown plain jigsaw pieces. I marvel at how unique it is, and also unpractical. Some pieces loose and uncovered to reveal the white beneath. I want it a lot. I suspect there may be spirits attached to it, as I am so drawn, so I know I won’t buy it. I run my fingers along the top, wonder if it’s possible all the pieces are still present. It can’t be?