I am the Fairy Godmother. Channeling this is also my best path in all life right now. The situation and the solution.

The creative nurturer, conductor of supernatural forces, the movement beyond pure logic into the realm of intuition. Female energy.

Not feeling all these french fairytale things. Definitely feeling more Cinderella sometimes (ohhhhhhhh, maybe).

2c. Innocent, pure, the meeting of instinct and rationale. A drink of water for the gentle roe. Oppression from a mean family; terrible mother figure, horrible sisters, but a happy ending to both. Seek balance. A regression from the blossoming of 3c.

9c in the hospital tmr (are these even my cards?). Libido, bliss, personal accomplishment. Happiness and emotional goals.

H: The As with a keen gaze and a steady sword. Surrounded by Cinderella props. To survey before the battle. Seize the day.

Field run for this new tarot app with Liy.

“Feelings are facts, but only to the person feeling them”

No need to drag me!!

Told the physio she has to come back tomorrow with information for the things she does not know. She laughed and assured me she knows them, she just can’t execute them now because of mum’s pain. She does not even know she does not know 🤦🏻‍♂️

I want to help a q sister out but I also want to make clear this is not a casual conversation. I am the employer, this is a request/reprimand. 😐

She is older. I wish no disrespect. I am also so on edge today. I must be mindful of speech, and not trespass.

Napping in the hospital while waiting for mom to return from her PE. Dreaming. And from the looks of the others, possibly giggling and talking in my sleep.

Mentioned duty of care and received a startled look. Does it not get brought up often, it should be mentioned all the time and taped to everyone’s foreheads here.

A doctor offered to step up and personally see to the work of nurses. I am grateful, but the tail of my exhaustion is long.

Please let me body cooperate tomorrow.

Played crossword puzzles with mother. She slashed my time in half. 😐. Didn’t even look at my phone. 💀

Managed to get work done. /pat self on back. That did not come easy. A room of one’s own.

My plants, my bathroom, my yin. Just shedding spirits and passing them on? Surely the park and not me.

4yee somehow knew I’d be nonsense about this and came home with some buns and snacks for me. 💕

Ikan bilis bun is never wrong 💕💕

You ownself declare expert hor.

Luckily you partially omputeh lor.

Only slightly past midnight. I thought it was 2am. Maybe even 3. I must rest.