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Yeah okay, I see now why I got The Tower. First steps into an adulting adulthood of working life. Also the first time I won’t be largely managing myself or a team. Instead, I’ll be the managed team.

I’m so excited about my first day of work, and worried I may not measure up. But I sure as hell intend to try, and the work looks interesting. I love that the approach is open to experimentation and evidence-based.

But it’s crunching so much data — I’m not sure if it’s the spreadsheets being spread out(?) or if it’s as much as it looks . I think I should strengthen that side of me part time. Level up. I am always fond of learning more and learning fast.

Onward, and upward.

The Tower

I’m a creature of anxiety and bruxism, but I’m lucky to have so many friends cheer me on for my first day of work 😭.

I asked my tarot deck repeatedly about this new job, and it repeatedly gave me The Tower. How not to be anxious?


Well, this won’t be the first time it’s happened over CNY 😀. And of course while I pms 😀. When else 😀.

I was in a bus when robbers boarded, I still fell asleep until a gun was pointed at my hip bone. Realised later that no money was taken because it wa in my pocket. Nur gave me a lift home but part of her car seats was left behind on the road.

I was working with a calendar with white text printed on white paper, in a language I couldn’t read. I internally panic over how I’m expected to work like this. (TC)

I had an illness. Jac’s dog has emptied out All his kibbles onto the ground, touching grass and fur and such. I ask her if I should get a new pack but she isnt worried – jabber has fruit rolls. She doesn’t want to describe them much because she thinks I will read them.

Jac has medals. I’ve never seen how one is worn before. The ribbon that is used is shaped like a collar.