Woke up to an epiphany: not everyone wants to endure. (??) it is not a natural state of being or a desirable one (??)

Removed the yellow prayer strings from my wrist with a pair of scissors. I’ve worn it for much longer than the intended period. It still feels strange — my wrists feel naked.

At least I won’t be so easily mistaken for a religious person now.

Why is the world suddenly so filled with straight queer girls? Reminding myself not to be overly keen on the cute girl’s Instagram. No more straight girls, Lainie! *grunt*

Maybe I should get back on OKC or Tinder. Or, say yes to blind dates. Or, just leave the house.

Maybe Instagram is the path of least resistance after all.

Why am I liddis.

Quite taken with Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. So white, but positions itself as the progressive and liberal sort for white content. I can feel my inner white bougie being fed whenever I watch the show. It’s good company while I recover from this bug.

Really sexy old cars in season 2 for the racing episode. Nak.

Bumped into Tera at the mamak — she was back in KL because she had trouble with Air France, and it looks like they’ve done her wrong. They’d better fix this. Otherwise, I hope their asses get sued.

Juans suggested it could also be a reaction from Trump’s travel ban being enacted. I think France need not draw from current events of other nations to tap into a ready source of Islamophobia (which Juans said was fair).

  • Me: I think I want to make my Twitter private.
  • Juans: Why?
  • Me: Because I want to tweet irresponsibly.
  • Juans: Just for that, I think you should leave your Twitter public.
  • Me: (is this a vote what is happening) Why?
  • Juans: Because you should tweet responsibly.
  • Me: Goddammit you are such a cikgu.

Blah blah blah kena lecture something about the size of my audience warranting responsibility 😑 I just want to be an online wastrel can’t I have that.

I should have just said I wanted a break from social media. Now every two weeks I’ll have to claim to be a flat earther to weed out followers.

…I flatter myself. Being my own self will probably be more than enough to weed many out.

Favourite episode of Song Exploder so far: Lin-Manuel Miranda discusses the process of creating Almost Like Praying in aid of Puerto Rico. It’s such an energetic origin story, I prefer listening to the podcast over the song itself. But I guess that’s not the point.

  • Me: omg I’ve discovered tongue rings are sold on Lazada
  • Bella: You have a tongue piercing?
  • Me: We’ve been friends for a decade, you haven’t seen it when we talk?
  • Bella: When I talk to someone, I look at their eyes…
  • Me: …The entire decade?

Y and I are going to the hardware shop and N called it lesbian haaj 😂

  • Y: Today we eat hot pot, tomorrow we ride into battle
  • Me: You know my anthem well

It always seems to surprise people that Y and I are alike or have been mistaken for each other…until they think about it.