Playing the speculative game of “How I Died on Twitter” and the cause of my death will probably be Privileged Lesbian Provides Flawed/Fucked Up Info About Rainbow Sexuality. Probably Said Something Cis-Dbaggy.

I mean, at least I know.

Someone was reminiscing about their father, and the void left behind upon his passing. I think I’ll never know what that’s like, because that void grew up with me.

Having a useless day at home, altho, I’m supposed to learn that resting is also a job when trying to recover. Or, at least not get sicker.

I am so bad at giving myself the opportunity to rest through sickness, and I can totally trace that back to my childhood of being sent to school sick 😒.

Well, with all three, what I know I can learn to fix. It’s what I don’t know I don’t know that bugs me.