I made a brief FB announcement that I would be retrenched from work come Nov 30. The news spread faster and wider than I thought it would.

  • Juana: We have end of Kakiseni celebration tea
    Me: I still have a month to go kot
    Juana: Upon hearing the news celebration tea.

At our “Upon Hearing The News Celebration Tea”

  • Me: When I’m done with work, I’m going to treat myself to one indulgence: either I’ll buy a WordPress theme thing to customise for my blog, or I’ll buy a lot of avocados and have guacamole.
  • Juana: No to the avocado, you’re getting the WordPress thing.
  • (Of course my so-serious friend will pick the WordPress thing)
  • Me: Or maybe, now’s the time to start my dildo carving business
  • Juana: I am not the friend you have this conversation with.

We had some pretty good satay and half boiled eggs with toast and drinks. Talked about a range of things, including 5-year plans (which she quickly changed to 2-years, probably because she guessed the non-existence of the former). It was a good thing to consider. I had met Jac for lunch earlier and she’d asked me what was next.

To combine my answers to both: I want to work in an environment where I meet fewer people compared to my current job (I easily hit double digits in a week). I prefer small teams, and working with women/feminists. I want to learn new skills while flexing current ones. I prefer to manage myself, and have flexi hours. Positive social impact, please. I don’t want to be exhausted. I could do with one main client and a few freelance options. I would enjoy working on good festivals, and learning from them.

One of the things I learnt from Jac + Juana: I don’t sell my accomplishments or skills much. Even with all my faffing around online, I’ve rarely mentioned to people beyond colleagues (and even then) what my contributions are. I think I’ll have a lot more to put into my CV than I had thought of. And as Jac said, when I don’t claim credit for my work, I leave behind a vacuum to be inhabited by others. Minimally, I’ll have founded/co-founded the ASEAN Puppetry Exchange, ASEAN Puppetry Conference, and The Other Festival under Kakiseni. I don’t know if the programmes will continue without money being gifted for it.

I’m quite curious oh what’ll go into my cv when I have time to start on it.

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