To be young is to sample? For all our criticisms of my generation for our “MTV attention span”, the events that appeal to an even younger arts crowd are even more prone to variety and short sets of performances.

Happy to have spent the night in a queer-friendly event, Nosegay. Saw some young drag by Cocoa Buttre (who wasn’t sure if there was a history of drag in Malaysia beyond Shelah. Like eh, hello, of course got lah).

Peter Ong sang Not My Father’s Son, and quite a few wept. But Peter brought the crowd back up with a diss of Trump and a giant happy singalong for his next song.

Singaporean poet Stephanie Dogfoot performed some poems full of deflective humour yet strong personality — she brought up a scenario of a party, attended by all the people she has ever been attracted.

Shh…Diam closed the night. I remember going for their early gigs, and being super happy at hearing the genderqueer songs. And then they performed in Jln Bangkung for one of the Malaysia Day celebrations, which may have been one of the first times I spoke to the band. And now, a gig with Shh…Diam seems to indicate that the event will be queer-friendly.

Was frustrated about some work relationships I had, but turned to older friends who suggested different ways to communicate. No harm in learning better ways of dealing with things. Sometimes I wonder what’s the point of my resume including previous leadership roles, or team roles — when the people change, a lot of it goes out the window.

Maybe the strongest thing I can put there is that I can turn to smarter and older friends and former colleagues in my personal networks.

Have to constantly remind myself not to turn defensive, work with what I have, manage what I can, and let go of what is beyond my control. And that solutions already exist, I don’t need to reinvent the wheel, I just need to be able to effectively communicate what the problems are so I can take a good look at them with someone else.

I finished reading Zen Cho’s Sorceror to the Crown! It was most enjoyable. I hope it becomes a series. I hope it’s already a series. Then I can go read them all now. I’ll just park the GoodReads link here for my reference.

It’s nice to read something that starts out deceptively half Jonathan Strange, half Harry Potter, and then turns all the whiteness on its head and deftly weaves in all these narratives I would have loved to have grown up reading.

I want more Prunella. She’s a bit Tiffany Aching, and Mak Genggang is a bit like Granny Weatherwax/Mak Cik Maryam — but in good ways. The book draws from familiar fantasy tropes that I have a comfortable relationship with, so all yeay over here. Also, I would LOVE to see a Mak Genggang series.

Screw waiting for comics to diversify, as far as I’m concerned, fantasy novels are doing better right now because Sorceror exists. I’d love to see more of the world in the Sorceror universe, and more sexualities too. But right now, I’m not pushing a wishlist, I’d just like to see the universe expand healthily without post-PC-add-ons of diverse characters left outside the canon, ala JK Rowling.

It’s also nice to be reading this in the same period while I deal with SEA deimperialisation writings — which is entirely a joyless affair.

Speaking of joyless, maybe I should do more reading about working with teams, but… But I don’t really want to…It sounds dry and boring as heck.

Watching Lucifer, a most trying TV show, but I feel compelled to see this through out of misguided loyalty to the comic book. Not that this self-aggrandising tv Lucifer is comparable with his comic counterpart.

I find the Mazikeen in the tv series so offensively reduced, and somehow sexed up like a BDSM horndog. I want the Mazikeen that slays the impossible against demons, and is feared/respected — not a “Maz” who wins barfights and pours Lucifer drinks.

Also: Detective Decker, the lead female star, is about as convincing as a cop as Jennifer Carpenter’s Debra Morgan in Dexter. They are not.

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