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Bersih 4 vs MRT

I was curious what Najib Razak, the PM of Malaysia, tweeted on 29 Aug.

So I check lah. Today, the day of what will likely be the largest civil society gathering in Malaysia to date, is all in his honour. The rakyat are calling for his resignation. The authorities are protecting his position.

What did Najib have to say? Well, four hours ago he tweeted about Klang Valley’s future when we get the MRT. 165 people viewed that video.

Could a PM look more irrelevant?

No, Najib is not referring to Bersih 4.

No, Najib is not referring to Bersih 4.


Waiting for the UPS man.

So obviously, the best thing I can do to summon him is to go mandi or poo, right? It’s like the world has a universal notification system that enables deliveries and phone calls to happen only when they’ll be most inconvenient.

Ugh, buying gadgets online.

Sharing songs with the housemate. Johhny Cash, Nick Cave. And then I asked “Have you heard Lucero before?’

And then I pick my favourite tune.

She listens for ten seconds.

She points out Lucero sounds like Harry Monster in Sesame Street.

Torch song ruined forever.