Earlier in the week, at about 4AM, I heard footsteps above my room. Or rather, the heavy thumping noises sounded like footsteps. Now I live in a townhouse area that is not immune to burglary, and more importantly, my unit is on the highest floor. There are surrounding units that go up higher next door, but on my block, my duplex unit is the topmost unit. I was naturally quite worried. Rang up my security guards, and one of them promptly arrived at my door and marched through every room to check for suspicious, lurking individuals.

  • Lainie: The noise came from upstairs, at the roof, not in here.
  • Guard: Maybe it was just a cat?
  • Lainie: I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cat that could possibly sound so heavy*.

He promised the check around the perimeter of my place and take a look at the roof. The next day, I saw him walking around on patrol near my place, and asked him what happened during the perimeter check. To be honest, I didn’t think it had actually happened because while I didn’t hear any potential burglars lurking around, I also didn’t hear any security guards either.

  • Guard: There was nothing up there.
  • Lainie: Oh, that’s good I suppose. I wonder what made that noise…
  • Guard: Maybe you heard something because the condo unit on the immediate next block (one floor higher than mine) isn’t occupied.
  • Lainie:

Can’t help but wonder how many crimes have been explained away by accusing the spirit world. That said, why pay for a trek through a carnival’s haunted house when you can live in one.

*My friend Annu pointed out that she had a similar experience and it turned out to be civet cats. I’ve not seen one in this area before, but there are monkeys and the like, and I do live next to a forest reserve…