On the down side: Projectile vomited like a drunk teenager outside KL’s latin dance club El Nino’s circa 2001, after one Vodka Pop or Tequila Pop too many.

On the plus side: I no longer feel nauseated.

On the 30s side: I’m not even drunk. Or tipsy. I was drinking water to keep hydrated. I have gentle classical music playing in the background, and Ylang Ylang & Lavender aromatherapy burning. I think I may be more grandmotherly than any of my grandmothers ever were/have been.

On the young side: I am still sprightly enough to fling both cat and blanket off me, jump from bed and run to the toilet in time to hurl. Granted, my spewing aim was terrible, but bidets are for washing down bathrooms the lazy way.

On the thinking-too-much side: Should I say nauseated (dictionary-correct), or nauseous (not-an-asshole-correct)? If I use the former, it’s kinda pretentious. If I use the latter, I am dictionary-saying I have the same effect the idea of a One Direction squeeing marathon might have on my friends.

On the sad side: I throw up and I feel compelled to type about it, but am too self-conscious to post it on Facebook. So here it is on the blog I presume no one reads.

On the paranoid side: I’ve been ill for over a month, and heard too many diagnoses in my 5–6 doctor visits. I am starting to worry there is something very, very wrong with my immune system, or that I have one of those super-infections where the germs are immune to common antibiotics.

On the manja side: I wish I have a roomie. I don’t mean someone in my bed, but the last time I threw up like this I had a best friend pressured into making me feel better (because she got me drunk in the first place, and we shared a room).

On the reminiscent side: I think of some of my friends all the time, but I don’t call any of them. I should. I was in George Town Lit Fest and every other book I saw I was thinking “My friend hates reading but she would love this book if she read it! Maybe I’ll mail her a copy and see if this strategy works!”

On the Never-Learning side: Giving books as presents to friends who don’t read is as effective as when my friends give me sporting equipment because they believe I will learn the joys of exercise one day.

On the blur side: I have no idea why I threw up.

On the cat side: I think my cat thought I was hacking up a hairball.

Speaking of hair, my hair is now purple and green/blue.