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Finger lickin’ goooood

I was at a swishy event in Bangsar, surrounded by people from the arts scene. At one point, I was talking with Jai, a painter, and chitoo, my pseudo-husband artist. My housemate Nadira was walking around when she stumbled upon our conversation:

  • Jai: The drumstick is the best.
  • chitoo: I like the thigh.
  • Lainie: Yes the thigh is best. Or breast.
  • Nadira: Hey, what are you guys talking about?
  • Jai: KFC 😀
  • Nadira: DAMMIT, LAINIE! *storms off*

Nadira has the scorn of a thousand suns for my love of KFC.

I have taken to singing my own Imperial Death March soundtrack when I walk around the house. It’s okay, only the cat and some occasional wandering hantu around boiling water to judge me.


Eavesdropping in KL

  • #1: You don’t eat pork ah?
  • #2: I don’t eat pork.
  • #1: So you eat chicken noodles?
  • #2: I only eat siew yuk. And I eat char siew also. And when the pork is with noodles. Or when it is with rice.

How many types of pork do you have to eat before it counts?

Steamy hot wor

My handyman Adlin came over to fix the bathroom sink.

  • Adlin: Do you have a water heater for your bathroom?
  • Lainie: …Yes?
  • Adlin: Is it switched on?
  • Lainie: …No? (…You nak mandi in my bathroom ke?)
  • Adlin: The water coming out of the tap is quite hot la.
  • Lainie: From the sun on the water tank?
  • Adlin: No, you see here…
  • Lainie: …Omgwtfbbq?

It wasn’t just “very hot”, clouds of steam were coming up. Now I keep wondering if my sink has some “boiling water” feature that I wasn’t aware of. Or maybe the house is haunted by some water-boiling spirit, because that’s always plausible.