We’re such a young country and I have a theory for it!
  1. We could start building ANY national cultural tradition now;
  2. pretend we’ve been doing it since the beginning of time;
  3. and pass it on as an awesome culture (or a wtf one — like saying “A**ah”) to the future generations.
I guess what I’m trying to say is…We should seriously consider a National Nap Time. I propose 430PM–6PM.

This could really work. We’re already great at forgetting our roots — we barely recognise that this land came with Hindu and Buddhist influences prior to Islam.

If we’re going to sleep through our history, let’s make it a national hobby. Napping is already a personal hobby for me anyway, and I know I’m not alone. If we go national, by the time our great-great-grandchildren come along they won’t know we used to have responsibilities in the evening besides napping.

Side thought:

National Nap Time has two cousins: Siesta and Tea Break.

If possible, Malaysian gomen offices were previously seen as the biggest habitat of Tea Break culture; being the huge chunk of time between Lunch Break and Closing Time where finding a cooperative government employee at their desk was also Toto Time.

However, in the last decade Tea Break seems to have mostly been replaced by Tutup/Hilang: the game of driving to, from and around Putrajaya, trying to find a cooperative government employee who could and would get the job done. Succeeded within a month? Toto time.

The main difference to my imagination is that former involves waiting and reading a book in the passport office, and the latter involves your car pissing away petrol while you read Waze in Putrajaya.

Malaysia already has Tea Break, but we can have a lot of other T-things too. T-idur Break, (I’m still not letting the nap time go), T-Bone (steak), T-Bone (boning), T-Pot (except you could interpret this to be an illegal activity), T-Vee (telenovela time!), T-Pee (camping at Dataran Merdeka).

Whatever your inclinations. I vote for National Tidur Time/National Nap Time. I’m just saying: it’s not a terrible idea.