We were in the company of women and a transman, talking about male pregnancy (as in: transmen getting pregnant). I noted that my uncle, though not remarkably liberal, identifies as such and had said that a pregnant man was “going too far”.

I thought it was a curious line to draw, and was surprised to find that despite being in the company of many lesbians and gay-friendly liberals, everyone else felt the same way.

  • Her: It’s just wrong. They’ve made a choice.
  • Me: So transmen shouldn’t have babies because they made a choice?
  • Her: Yes.
  • Me: What is this choice?
  • Her: They’ve taken hormones, surgery‚ĶIt’s a choice they’ve made.
  • Me: So because they’ve chosen to be men, they should not get pregnant?
  • Her: Yes.
  • Me: Okay, wait. What if a man naturally had a vagina? Can he use it to have babies?
  • Her: I don’t know. I suppose that would be okay.
  • Me: Isn’t that a transman?

She concedes it’s an emotional reaction on her part. The transman beside me had a different perspective:

  • Him: The child would be discriminated against. What kind of life would that be?
  • Me: Isn’t that the same argument used against lesbian and gay parents? If it’s valid against transsexuals, why is it not valid for straight people to use that against the rest of the letters in the “LGBT” community?

*all conversations inaccurately paraphrased.