In September 2010, I was retrenched along with the rest of the staff in The Nut Graph. We still freelance for the website, and every so often it’s nice to catch up with everyone and see what the team is up to.

Pei Ling is now with Selangor Times, and Jo-An moved on to join CIJ Malaysia.

Anyhow, Jo-Ann recently presented some very interesting numbers in relation to press coverage for Bersih, at CIJ’s annual Freedom of Expression report. The video below is a collection of highlights from the presentation. Wish I could have been there in person to show support.

Take a look — it’s not a short video, but Jo-Ann makes it seem as such. Reminds me of why being in the office was such a lark:

Interesting to see all those graphs laid out. We all know our media is not fair and balanced, but when its presented in numbers some trends emerge more clearly. It’s a good job collecting and presenting the data — would be awesome if CIJ found the budget to expand its scope for media monitoring next year 😛

[ I’ve posted that lead photo of us leaving the office one last time in other spaces, but I love it because you can tell we’re a happy team. Sad to leave, but it was good. ]