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I’d been working from a home office for quite some time, but lately, my company moved to a new location in SS4. No more home office means the end of afternoon cuddles time with the animals.

The two cats cope with my absence by waiting at the front door to scold me immediately upon return from the office, every day. I kinda love it.

Resident dog Cookie is away at boarding while my housemate/colleague Adri is in Finland. I feel like holding a leash and waiting at the front door for Cookie too, sometimes. Or for Adri (without the leash).

But mostly I lie on a super comfortable leather couch at night and watch tv with my useless cats. When they feel like gracing me with their presence.


My mother’s first meeting with my cats early this month went something like this:

  • Lainie: *pointing at lazy fat cat* Ma, this is your grandson, Gangster.
  • Mother: Choi!

That’s what straight sisters are for, getting married and supplying legitimately birthed grandchildren to your parents. I asked my mother to leave Ipoh and move in with me in KL.

  • Mother: But you have cats.
  • Lainie: Yes.
  • Mother: Can’t you keep them outdoors?
  • Lainie: Cats don’t work that way. And I probably can’t keep them out.
  • Mother: I’ll live with you if you get rid of your cats.

I’m keeping the useless cats.

Phwoar, shiny and new

It’s 3PM, I’m on my third cup of coffee, and starting to suspect I may have remembered wrongly that coffee makes pounding headaches go away.

I had another blog once, in a URL far, far away. Then, it vanished. Probably died of neglect and mysterious internet tubings.

I have changed much since that blog — staying the same a decade later requires too much effort, and I don’t have the excuse of youth to go on my rampant rampages of idiocy (in public). Or the relative anonymity. I have learnt KL is a very small place.

I could build a little fortress with the notebooks I own and cannot bring myself to sully. I am struggling to maintain a daily sketchbook, but I get so caught up in work.

I wish I could grow a beard. Or at least find a beard stipple somewhere in KL. But mostly, I just want to be able to grow a beard. If I could have ample facial hair, I would take part in Movember. I would enter World Beard & Moustache Championships. Dyers and I would hang around watching our beards grow while drinking the kind of drinks that would leave our eyeballs hairy. I would put an end to all the stupid talk about how the ethnic Chinese can’t grow beards. By whipping my beard in their faces.

Look ma, testosterone face (gambar oleh

Meanwhile, there’s always Photoshop.

And I have a blog again.