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Had a solidarity phone call with Manja girl and ND to start the day. Much to discuss on wrongful dismissal and reputation management. Self-proclaimed feminist men, pfah. I think at its most extreme, even a most difficult person deserves due process. I don’t even think of ND as difficult. Maybe directly a threat to an incompetent ED, but his incompetence is so pointless because he had the ability to shape things to shove someone out within the thin guise of due process.

CT drove us to Girl and Mummy curry mee. Worth it to satiate my curiosity and also for the siham, but I don’t think it makes sense to return. I live near decent nyonya curry mee, also with siham. And the aunties there are much friendlier with me.

Worked in ZS today, at Too Soon. I just wanted to take my pants off most of the time, it’s so hot. I could hear NJ in the back of my head saying that taking off my pants for documentary interviews cannot be “goals” and also to “please wear pants”. But also afaik she mostly lives in air conditioned environments.

Not too bad a day although the “minutes” the interns sent were functionally useless and I had to try and recall what went down at the meeting yesterday. I should have taken more of my own notes the moment I realised they weren’t writing down any minutes.

Had a healthy quinoa bowl with CT for dinner. I think he felt obliged to makan with me instead of the bekal he brought. Told him about my budget stresses over quinoa dinner 🤷🏻‍♂️. Signing up for all these US-based digital services before being paid is gonna kill my wallet and self esteem.

Came home. It’s Ash Wednesday so had to drive through a massive traffic jam because of the neighbourhood church. Usually the selfish congregation really upsets me but since this time it brought Pets to my door (well, CT’s) on her birthday, I told her I’ll forgive them this one time.

Drank, talked about relationships and horoscopes. She ordered McDs and I ate her French fries. She redid CT’s charts. I’m glad we spent time together. I told her manja girl sends her regards. She asked if it was weird to have manja girl in town while I am seeing or dating my partner girlfriend or — we all got sidetracked because could not figure what to say. I would think partner, but that seems so serious to the two of them when we just started dating.

Pets said again that I am not aware of the people I attract who are hiding in a corner waiting for me to notice them. Idk who she means, I always insist there’s no such person and she always disagrees so vehemently. 😒

She was horrified I had not told NJ about meeting MG, even though I pointed out I’d just found out she was in town, and I only hadn’t because we’ve not met since I visited MG. But Pets was still horrified so now I’m not sure if I should bring it up over text but that seems so weirdly serious and out of place. It took me forever to even get an answer on whether we are meeting this week, why would I layer on the awkward without reason? (Also I just realised, it’s not like I know much about her dating life)

We talked about math and land and they made me feel smart which is an uncommon feeling for me. They talked about the charisma they have and do not abuse, and I do not have that talent. It’s okay.

These two combined make me more of a woo woo artsy hippie, and also upgrade the way I think and manage my emotions. 80% of why I’m not always an asshole (and why I have tarot cards) is because of Pets. 80% of how I can see a model of being, even if it’s not so applicable to me, is because of CT. Was telling him that being queer really left me with room to develop because I knew what a straight Ipoh girl’s destiny was to be, but had no roadmap for how to be who I am. None. Nada. I should have added I’m glad I had friends like these two to fill that gap.

Finally home and spoke with NJ a bit. Going to see her this week, probably. She’s maybe pmsing and I have no idea what that means or how it manifests. Maybe I should bring burritos and nachos over 🤔. I wish I had a little sensor in her fridge so I know what to replenish (okay I hear how creepy that is now).

Pets doesn’t want to do the inclusive music workshop after all. She has a birthday bash coming up. So I guess it’s just work and gym tmr.

Little nerd is in town on Friday. Haven’t seen her in so long but I am confident we’ll still have plenty of love and good times between us. Can’t believe she’s 30 now. But she wants to hang out in Publika, urgh.

So groggy.

Gears in motion

Something I’ve been meaning to do for a while now: rethink how I publish. Set my old posts to Private.

I want some time to rearrange all my posts, recategorise, re-tag, and maybe edit the theme. Definitely clean up the media library. I’m also considering a tiny newsletter for friends who want updates.

Let me know if you’d prefer a newsletter instead of a blog? If you’d prefer not to comment publicly, drop me a text. I’m the world’s worst at responding, but I’ll get around to it.

New posts will still be public, but I think I’ll change the privacy setting when I move on to the next post so only one remains live at any time.

It feels good to be getting things done. It’s been a long time coming. Password issues, yknow.

Recently updated my privacy policy. Migrated my (minimal) data tracking to Matomo (a little fuck-you to Google Analytics, basically). You can opt-out if you want by going to the Page.

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